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A New Kind of Accelerator

We invest in people, not ideas. Our 12-week program will leave you with your mind blown, butt kicked, ego shattered, and well on your way to success.


We invest $20k in each company, and provide everything from hosting to legal services; you won’t have to worry about getting the resources you need.


We match you with top leaders in each of their respective fields. They know what it’s like to be in your shoes in order to help you through your current hurdles.

The Lab

Construction of a connected devices lab is underway, and will be accessible to any team developing, designing and prototyping IoT devices.

Demo Day

The culminating event of the program, Demo Day brings in top angels, VCs and the greater Boulder startup community to see your company pitch.

Boomtown was created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Teams get to spend 3 months developing their startups, surrounded by the resources they need most early on (branding and logo design, marketing, code feedback, usability testing). The resources and mentorship we provide are based on what we wished we’d had in past accelerator experiences.


Your Biases are Killing Your Product

Confirmation bias is our natural tendency to favor information that confirms our beliefs or hypotheses. Now, this is a real problem, especially if you are trying to decide what to build next in your product.

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Join the Boomtown Accelerator community with your team and be surrounded by talented innovative individuals with a similar passion for good design and solving the most intricate challenges.

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